Dear Friends:

Welcome to my website, a brief window on my world past and present.

You will find here photos from my time in public life, serving for over twenty-five years from 1979 to 2004 as a federal Member of Parliament from Burnaby and Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. It was an incredible honour and privilege to be able to represent my constituents and to speak out nationally and internationally on a wide range of issues, including human rights, international affairs, global health and the environment. My biographical note includes highlights from those years, as well as my work in the following years at the BC Government Employees Union in Burnaby followed by an international post with Public Services International, based in France.

In 2009, I moved to The Global Fund based in Geneva, where I coordinated the Fund’s engagement with Parliamentarians around the world, in both the global north and south. The Global Fund is the largest funder of international programmes to fight TB and Malaria, and funds some 25% of all international HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care. It was an exciting and challenging position, working with a respected global body that is saving lives around the world and is on the front lines of prevention, treatment and care on the three pandemics, while also reducing maternal and child mortality and strengthening health systems in the poorest countries. The Global Fund has a strong human-rights focus as well, for example as the largest international funder of harm reduction programmes in the world. As a young boy my hero was the great German doctor Albert Schweitzer, who worked with the poor in Lambarene, Africa, and I did pre-medical studies before deciding to go into law and politics. So this was a wonderful opportunity to use my many years of political experience to make a difference internationally.

I recently retired from the Global Fund and my partner Max and I look forward to spending more time in Canada.

Thank you for visiting my website.