Cell Phone Bills

Will you sign?

High-speed Internet and cellular services are essential in 2019.

But Canadians pay some of the highest prices in the world for service that’s far from reliable – all while the telecom companies rake in billions in profits and subsidies. For decades, Liberals and Conservatives have let these corporate giants take advantage of Canadians.

New Democrats will stand up to big telecoms and fight for Canadians with:

  • A price cap that saves you an average of $10 per month for each of your cellphone and Internet bills.
  • The requirement for companies to provide a basic plan for wireless and broadband services.
  • Ending data caps for broadband Internet and mandate unlimited data plans at affordable rates for wireless.
  • Creating a Telecom Consumers’ Bill of Rights to protect Canadians from price-gouging and outrageous sales tactics.

It’s time for a government that puts people ahead of telecom company profits.