Dental Care for All

Canada’s health care system today reflects the health care needs of the 1950s. Back then, New Democrats boldly transformed the health care system by guaranteeing that Canadians who needed to see their doctor or go to a hospital would not be faced by bills they couldn’t pay.

A decade of Conservative neglect has hurt our public health care system and eroded public trust. The Liberal approach – a patchwork of interventions and programs here and there – simply isn’t delivering the results that Canadians need. Too many Canadians, even those with private insurance, just aren’t able to get the help they need.

As it stands, the Canada Health Act is supposed to fund all medically necessary services that Canadians might need. But in reality, there are many kinds of medical services that Canadians need for their health and wellbeing that aren’t covered by public health care plans. As jobs with extended health benefits become harder to find, fewer people will have access to extended health care services.

You and your family deserve better. New Democrats believe that over the next decade, Canadians need a historic expansion of the services covered under our national health care system.

One in three Canadians has no dental insurance and over six million people don’t visit the dentist every year because they can’t afford to. Too many people are forced to go without the care they need until the pain is so severe that they are forced to seek relief in hospital emergency rooms.

We know now that good oral health is a critical component of overall good health – and that means our health care system should cover it, too. A New Democrat government will work together with provincial partners, health professionals, and dentists to develop a roadmap to including dental care in the Canada Health Act.

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