Green New Deal

It’s time for a roadmap to emissions reductions that puts our communities and our planet on the path to good health and sustainability. Under Liberal and Conservative governments, Canada is not even on track to meet the modest targets we already have - let alone the stronger ones required to prevent dangerous climate change.

A New Democrat government will declare a climate emergency and put in place ambitious, science-based greenhouse gas reductions targets that will help stabilize the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius. We’ll put these targets in legislation and ensure accountability by creating an independent Climate Accountability Office to do regular audits of progress towards our climate goals.

Our plan will create over 300,000 good jobs in all communities within a first mandate, and rebuild local economies with meaningful, family-sustaining work in every part of the country, all while helping to make the changes we need to succeed in a low-carbon future.

New Democrats are making a commitment to workers most impacted by the changes in our economy that they will not pay the price of action on climate change. We’ll work with the provinces to provide training and re-training for the new job market, as well as labour market research to keep Canada on the cutting edge of the evolving work environment.

We will also expand support and technological assistance to bring more innovative Canadian clean technologies to market and support manufacturing right here at home.

It’s time to enshrine in law the right to a healthy environment. Our federal Environmental Bill of Rights will ensure that all communities can enjoy a guarantee to clean water, land, and air. New Democrats will also better protect Canadians from toxic substances in everyday products like cosmetics, through a strengthened Canadian Environmental Protection Act.

Conservation is a vital way to protect ecosystems and preserve biodiversity. New Democrats will protect 30% of our land, freshwater, and oceans by 2030 and back those protections with funding and enforcement. We’ll also work with other levels of government to develop a system of urban national parks – and a national approach to tree-planting using responsible reforestation to help lower our carbon footprint.

To reduce waste in our landfills and communities, a New Democrat government will ban single-use plastics across Canada and hold companies responsible for the entire lifecycle of their plastics products and packaging. We’ll help municipalities improve their waste management and recycling programs and work towards a zero-waste future.

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