Erian Baxter: I fully endorse Svend!

"Ok. I don’t usually speak up about my political choices. But... never say never!

I fully endorse Svend as my choice in this election.

I also fully recognize that we have two other very respectable candidates in Terry and Amita. Yet... Svend has spoken up about climate, pipeline and housing, he followed up personally on issues I raised, and he has years of experience. I, personally fully respect Terry, but not his party. Too many broken promises... proportional representation, full consent on pipeline? - and then he bought it? And the Jody thing...really?

So ...get out, make your choice, and please vote!"

Erian Baxter, Deep Cove

The Tyee: Svend Robinson - ‘Our Last Chance to Turn Things Around’

Svend Robinson swears he didn’t plan this ahead of time. He’s showing me a letter he just received from a 75-year-old woman in Black Diamond, Alberta, urging him to do whatever he can to ensure that the federal NDP addresses climate change as the emergency it is. Enclosed with the letter is a handwritten cheque for $20.

“That for me is exciting,” says Robinson, who turned 67 this spring, “that there are people out there who feel that sense of urgency, and we are the political movement that’s got to respond to that.”

Svend Robinson’s return to politics is good news

The recent announcement by former long-time NDP MP and human rights advocate Svend Robinson that he is running in the upcoming federal election is refreshing.

On the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., Robinson told the media outside his childhood home in Burnaby North-Seymour that he has decided to come back for two key reasons: the inability of the Canadian government to deal with the issue of climate change, and the housing unaffordability faced by average Canadians.

He pointed out that the house where he spent his childhood is today worth $2.3 million and remains out of the common person’s reach.

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