Stand With Svend:
Canada Needs a Green New Deal

Svend made headlines this week by boldly speaking out about the need for a Green New Deal in Canada.

“Nanaimo by-election is wake up call to Federal NDP...we must as party take a clear stand opposing fracking and all new oil and gas infrastructure including LNG, and Site C, and champion UNDRIP + Pact for Green New Deal.” Svend Robinson, @Svend4MP

Svend is right. We need to act before it's too late. The IPCC 1.5 report says that we have only 12 years to take action before climate change becomes irreversible.

Will you join Svend in fighting for a Green New Deal?

We demand that Canada:

  • Support the Pact for a Green New Deal,

  • Implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People,

  • Oppose fracking and all new oil and gas infrastructure.

Will you sign?