Memories of Tommy Douglas

Tommy was the first candidate I campaigned for.
I went door to door for him at the age of 16 in the 1968 Burnaby-Seymour riding... He lost narrowly that year in Trudeaumania, but four years later the NDP took the seat back.
When I was first elected in 1979, Tommy was retiring from politics and he invited me to come to his office in the House of Commons Centre Block. He asked me if I would like to move in... and I was thrilled to say yes!
Some years later, in the late 80s after Tommy died, all of the Burnaby NDP MLAs and I got together to sponsor a horse in the new Burnaby Carousel at Burnaby Village Museum, and that horse still carries riders today. It's name is "Tommy D"!
After Tommy passed away, I donated from MPs' pay raise scholarships in every Burnaby secondary school in honour of his memory, the Tommy Douglas Memorial Scholarship, presented to graduating student along with a copy of Tommy's biography to inspire them.
When the redistribution commission held hearings on the new Burnaby ridings in the early 90s, I recommended that there be a new riding called Burnaby-Douglas... I argued that this would recognize the historical significance of Douglas Road in Burnaby, but everybody knew the real reason... to honour Tommy!
The recommendation was accepted, I was the first MP for the new riding of Burnaby-Douglas.
- Svend
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